Storyteller Overland goes global with purchase of industry-leading expedition vehicle manufacturer, Global Expedition Vehicles in Springfield, MO

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Storyteller Overland goes global with purchase of industry-leading expedition vehicle manufacturer, Global Expedition Vehicles in Springfield, MO

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. and SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Two great adventure vehicle manufacturers with solid reputations for success in delivering innovation, quality, and excellent customer experiences to the rapidly growing Overlanding community are now coming together in a merger designed to create a powerful leader in the adventure travel world.


Storyteller Overland, which has in short order established itself as the insurgent leader in the Class-B RV Adventure Van space, announced Wednesday that it has acquired Global Expedition Vehicles, LLC - the world's leading manufacturer of expedition vehicles and bespoke Adventure Trucks. 


"We are confident that Storyteller Overland has the vision and expertise to build on the legacy of standard-setting, premium quality, boutique-style expedition vehicles that GXV has been synonymous with for 17 years," said Rene' Van Pelt, co-founder and owner of Global Expedition Vehicles along with her husband, Mike Van Pelt. "The rugged Adventure Trucks that we build are a natural progression, the next step up for Storyteller customers in the line of Overlanding vehicles. This merger will allow both companies to grow and expand in a collaborative production of the Adventure Truck Series together."

Following the acquisition - which was officially announced today on-site at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, FL - Global Expedition Vehicles will continue to provide its expansive lineup of custom expedition vehicles to its customers in North America and beyond. Merging with Storyteller Overland will create a rapid expansion of the market for the Adventure Truck Series, which will ultimately be offered on both the Ford F550 and Ram 5500 chassis. 

As a result of this acquisition, Storyteller Overland will be in a greatly enhanced position to introduce the world's first higher volume production models of the GXV style Super C RV and Adventure Trucks. While the custom Global X and GXV rigs will continue to be built in Springfield, MO; the higher volume, repeat build Adventure Truck units will be built by the Storyteller team in their newly expanded facilities in Birmingham, AL to meet the increasing demand for this type of off-road, off-grid, long-range expedition vehicle. 

As with Storyteller's industry-leading line of Class B RV Adventure Vans, known as the "MODE4x4" range (including the Class, Stealth, and Beast MODEs), the new Storyteller GXV line of Adventure Trucks will feature a focused floor plan and game-changing feature set that is RVIA certified, and which will be made available for purchase with the same type of industry-first "see-through" no-haggle pricing via Storyteller Overland's nationwide dealer network.

Global Expedition Vehicles will keep its company name, and its legendary brand intact, as Mike and Rene' Van Pelt will remain heavily involved in steering the combined destiny and future growth of the business as President and Vice President of Global Expedition Vehicles, LLC.

"The heart of Global X will remain here in Springfield, with our world-class crew of designers, artisans, and technicians continuing to craft the world's finest custom expedition rigs for clients right here at our shop. So in that way, nothing will change," noted Mike Van Pelt. "We are excited that GXV is growing and expanding with the Adventure Trucks collaboration with Storyteller, and we will remain just as passionately involved as we always have been. We also hope to be more involved in adventure travel with the current GXV and Storyteller owner community, mixing work with as much overland travel as possible."

"This merger is an exciting moment for the entire Overlanding community," said Jeffrey Hunter, founder, and chief executive officer of Storyteller Overland. "We are grateful for our partnership with the Van Pelts and the stellar team they have built at GXV and want to be excellent stewards of their world-renown brand. Obviously, we are huge fans of the products and reputation they have built, and we are energized by the thought of what we will build together moving forward. For us, this is simply the next step in keeping our promise to constantly inspire and equip our growing community of adventurer travelers all around the world with the proper gear, resources, and mindset to 'Live Free, Explore Endlessly, and Tell Better Stories.'"

About Storyteller
Storyteller Overland is a Birmingham, AL-based authentic outdoor lifestyle brand with a strong, industry-leading presence and reputation for innovation in the burgeoning Class B RV and adventure vehicle manufacturing space. Founded in 2018 by a stellar team of custom vehicle manufacturing veterans and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, the company's prime directive is to constantly inspire and equip its growing community of road trippers, vanlifers, and overlanders with the proper gear, resources, and mindset to "Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories." Along with its flagship MODE 4x4 adventure van series, Storyteller Overland offers a unique see-through pricing model coupled with a style of customer service and community engagement that provides an unprecedented level of on-demand technical and warranty support for all of its owners out on the open road and beyond. 

About Global Expedition Vehicles
Global Expedition Vehicles is the No. 1 builder of Expedition Vehicles in the world and is based in Springfield, Missouri. Its line of custom, hand-built vehicles is designed for users to go anywhere they want to go, stay as long as they want to stay, and explore every corner of the world. Ever since GXV's first truck was built in 2004, the company has created a legacy of superb quality that outlasts the usual 4×4 motorhome standards so you can "run out of the world before you run out of the truck." GXV has the broadest price range of Expedition Vehicles in the U.S. as well as most European countries. 

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